Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More YouTube Apologetics from Jay Smith

Christian apologist/evangelist Jay Smith has added the following videos to his series on Islam and Christianity (previous videos listed here):

Is Allah God?
Re: The Name of God is Allah...Jay Disagrees
How Many Bibles Do We Have?
Re: Theo Van Gogh's Film Submission, Women in the Qu'ran

In addition to providing useful information and sound arguments, these videos are good examples of how to respectfully dialogue with those with whom we have strong disagreement. They're also a creative and wise use of the the Internet to declare Christ.


Guy Barry said...

No allah is not God nor is it any of God in Jesus Christs names.

bwildasi said...

Nice categorical proposition, but without an alternative you attempt a null set which is false: in Hebrew Jesus' name is the DIVINE NAME "Yahweh is Salvation"; Christ is greek for Messiah or "God's Chosen King." Thus, his very name is an abbreviation for Old Testament prophesies of Israel's hope of a redeemer who must be a descendant of King David. The NT devotes lots of content to proof this Jesus IS the MESSIAH that typical Jews of their his time were waiting for per their Scriptures.