Monday, October 02, 2006

No More Squinting!

Those of you who've been stopping by for some time have probably taken note of a recently instituted change - the print is larger. If this makes your reading experience more enjoyable, I'm glad but I can't take the credit for the improvement.

Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds. Since his is one of the first Christian blogs I began visiting with regularity, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know him better and discuss a wide range of theological and social issues. The conversation could have easily gone into the dinner hour as we each seemed to have a full arsenal of questions for each other. As we stood outside the restaurant about to part company, Justin said, "One criticism about your blog." This neophyte blogger shot up a one-second prayer that I'd have the humility to receive whatever he had to say and braced myself for what was coming. "The font is too small," he said. Ah, what a relief! That was painless.

So, if you're relieved that reading here no longer requires the straining of your eyes, you have Justin to thank.


JT said...


Your blog is now a "good read" in both senses of the term! I like the new look--and my eyes thank you!

Blessings, brother--


Rosemarie said...

thanks justin! some of us are getting older and appreciate larger font!