Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Helm's Deep

That's the name of philosopher and theologian Paul Helm's new blog where he will occasionally post papers that have been accepted for publication but have not yet been published.


Bob said...

Thanks for the link.. I'm a fan of Paul's work. I found your blog after reading a paper you posted on the Evangelical and Nonfoundationalism. Very helpful review. I'm curious if you were inspired by "The Nature of Confession"?

KP said...

You're welcom, Bob. I'm glad you found the paper helpful. I wrote it for a class for which "The Nature of Confession" was a required text and it did indeed serve as a catalyst to my thinking. Particularly helpful were the chapters by David Clark and George Hunsinger.

Unfortunately, when the friend who asked my permission to post the paper did so, the footnotes and bibliography were omitted. I may try to get the whole thing posted in the near future.

Since you are a fellow admirer of Paul Helm, you may be interested in looking at another paper I wrote depicting a fictitious dialogue between Helm and John Sanders on the nature of providence.