Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Seeing Connections Between the Profound and the Mundane

We frequently devalue the significance of daily chores, seeing them as hindrances to "more spiritual" activities. I appreciate the following reminder from Gideon Strauss about life's unity:
Sometime in the past six months I realized that there is a profound connection between the big questions of life (about which I care so passionately) and the mundane chores of everyday life (which previously had rather irked me). There is, for example, an inextricable connection between the meaning of life and the management of money, between the nurture of love and household maintenance. It has been like someone flipping a switch on me, emotionally - tasks that irritated me in the past now irritate me ... less. Strangest of all, I have even come to enjoy (1) mowing and weeding our tiny patch of lawn, (2) taking account of our family's financial affairs, and (3) shopping for household hardware.

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Danielle said...

Better get to church, you're starting to sound Buddhist.