Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rob Bell in the NYT

The New York Times profiles the unconventional methods of Rob Bell, pastor and founder of Mars Hill Bible Church. Bell is currently on a month-long tour of 21 cities presenting a 100-minute talk (sans multimedia) called "Everything is Spiritual" in venues that usually host rock bands. He got the idea for the tour by asking himself what kind of places he and his brother like to frequent. "And it's nightclubs and places where bands play," he says. "That's where people go to hear ideas in our culture." (Really?)

The article quotes
Christianity Today's Andy Crouch ("Rob Bell is a central figure for his generation and for the way that evangelicals are likely to do church in the next 20 years.") and Calvin College communication prof Quentin Schultze ("He's figured out how to convey basic Christian doctrine in a highly skeptical culture. He's very challenging in his sermons. There's no appeal for money. You get a sense of intellectual substance and depth of the faith.")

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