Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ken Myers on What We Do After Evangelism

In February of this year, Mars Hill Audio's Ken Myers delivered four lectures at Christ Presbyterian Church in Marietta, GA under the heading "After Evangelism: The Cultural Lives of Christians and Their Neighbors." Here's a blurb from the conference web site:
What if the Church organized its life around a commitment to discipleship and not just mere evangelism? What would the Church look like if it acted consistent with its calling to teach disciples to observe all that he has commanded? How should the Church minister in the world if those commands are not just about personal belief and piety but about the way we conduct every aspect of our lives in the Creation that exists by, for, and through Christ? How would the Church’s forms of expressing its identity and message be different if Christians realized that cultural life isn’t just a convenient and arbitrary conduit for evangelism, but the way that our obedience, faithfulness, our new life find concrete expression in the world, but not of it?
The four lectures (titled "Christ and Creation: Two Adams and a Fall," "Creation and Redemption: Salvation and the Fulfillment of Humanity," "Creation and Culture: Real Reality and Cultural Order," and "Church and Culture: Discipleship and All of Life") are now available for purchase. You can find ordering information, brief quotes from each session and a 38 minute audio portion (MP3) of the first lecture at the conference lecture page.


Danielle said...

Personally, every church or Christian grouping that I have been to (besides Lakewood) seemed to thrive on trying to convince people that they weren't really saved, even though they thought they were. Either that, or they'd take delight in trying to convince them that their faith was too "lukewarm" or not really up to par. This was done by constantly challenging by asking questions with a negative overtone during sermons and conversations.
It seemed like they all spent half their time trying to get non-believers to believe, and the other half trying to get believers to believe tehy weren't really believers.

Neil said...

Churches need to do a better job of discipleship. As the saying goes, Jesus said to make disciples of all nations, not just converts of all nations. I see so many Christians who aren't growing and learning at all.