Friday, July 21, 2006

"Lose a Golf Ball, Share the Gospel"

I know the print is small but that's John 3:16 on the golf ball to the right (photo by Mark Schiefelbein), one of the many items featured in this LA Times article about last week's International Christian Retail Show. (HT: Justin Taylor who was in attendance for the books).

Seeing that picture made me think that now is a fine time to show off some of my own evangelistic paraphernalia. A dear friend who knows of my fondness of such treasures, gave me the momento below. (It reads "I once was lost but now am found" on the other side.) He's commented that he checks the blog from time to time, to see if I've featured it. So, Karl, here it is!

Since I'm not a golfer and the ball never gets any green time, I suppose I could be charged with hiding my light under a bushel (or in this case, in my dresser drawer). But summer isn't over yet. Maybe I'll get the sandals that will allow me to leave footprints in the sand that read "Follow Jesus."

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