Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pro-Choice Cognitive Dissonance on Display

JivinJehoshaphat posted this picture and mused:
You've got to wonder about the level of cognitive dissonance that affects this pro-choicer. She calls the unborn child in her womb a "baby" yet is in favor of legal killing of other "babies" and for some reason thinks that her "baby" would also be in favor of the legal killing of other "babies."
The odds are good that this "progressive" thinker would also insist that children should be allowed to choose their own convictions rather than having those of their parents "forced" on them.

Apparently, the pro-choice mind values logic about as much as it does the unborn.


Joshua Sowin said...

She is very confused.

R. Mansfield said...

Therefore, is she labeling her baby a psychopath?

Mike said...

That we choose our own convictions is a fact. That our parents influence this is also a fact.

That you for choosing to use the term "pro-choice" rather than the more inflammatory if misleading term "pro-abortion."