Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Al Mohler on Larry King Live Tonight

Albert Mohler will be one of Larry King's guests this evening (9 ET, CNN) discussing the film Brokeback Mountain which he has written about here and here. Here's the teaser from the show's site: "Is it biology or choice? Are same sex unions a legitimate lifestyle? Homosexuals face off with religious conservatives."


YnottonY said...

Thanks for the notice. I watched the discussion. Larry King could not help misrepresenting what Mohler was saying. Mohler said he was not going to go see the movie and that it was not necessary to comment on the issue at hand, so King responded "Oh, we should all just stay home. We will really learn alot that way." King took a number of cheap shots like that.

What did you think of the discussion?

YnottonY said...

Philip Ryken has some good comments about the interview here:

The Gay Debate

KP said...

Thanks for the link, Tony. I think Ryken is right on target. It wasn't at all difficult to see where King's sympathies lied. His questioning of Mohler and Parshall came off as hostile at times and, as you noted, he frequently misrepresented Al Mohler's position.

I was glad to see that both Mohler and Parshall gave clear biblical reasons for their opposition to homosexual relationships in addition to citing potentially adverse sociological consequences. I can only imagine how tempting it is to shirk back from referring to Scripture when in a situation such as they were and I pray that if ever called upon to represent a Christian perspective in the public arena I would be as bold, thoughtful, and gracious as they were.

As to the decision to cast Chad Allen, I think Every Tribe Entertainment made an egregious error. It was evident from this comments that Allen intends to use this as a platform to further his activism. He said that he had already been "attacked" by numerous Christians. Unfortunately, I don't doubt that there were some believers who did in fact attack him personally but I wouldn't be surprised if from Mr. Allen's viewpoint, any statement of opposition to his lifestyle counts as a personal attack.