Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Old Friends, New Blogs

I wanted to let readers know about two relatively new blogs from men I admire:

A few years ago I participated in an email list devoted to the discussion of the apologetic method formulated by Cornelius Van Til known as presuppositionalism. Sean Choi was one of the members whose contributions I made it a point to read because I routinely learned from them. Sean's a graduate student in philosophy at the University of California who "
sees academic philosophy--and the life of the mind in general--as a way of expressing discipleship to Jesus." I recently discovered his blog, The Plurality of Blogs, and look forward to reading him again.

The other blog, Key Lime Pi, belongs to one of my AOL friends of many years, Steve Costley. He's another guy who provokes my intellect and my desire to walk more closely with Christ. I've enjoyed numerous conversations with him about theology and culture so I enthusiastically recommend that you check out his musings. Steve's just getting started and promises "
More coming on theology, philosophy, apologetics, law, logic, chess, culture, pie, and maybe pi if I think of something interesting to say about it." He also says that he hopes not to spend too much time writing so don't expect frequent posts. From my experience, whenever he does break the silence he'll have something valuable to offer.

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Steve Costley said...

Thank you, Keith, for the kind words. They mean a lot to me.