Saturday, September 17, 2005

Our Morning Worship Will Continue After This Message from NBC

NBC hopes its new reality show, "Three Wishes" with host Amy Grant, will be a hit with Christians. Each week, Amy will travel to a different town to assist families and community groups in need. The NY Times reports how zealous the network is to spread the word:
In advance of the new prime-time television season, NBC sent more than 7,000 DVD's of the show's first episode to ministers and other clergy members, along with a recorded message to their congregants from Ms. Grant. ("At its core, 'Three Wishes' is faith in action," she tells them.) The network has also booked Ms. Grant - a pop singer who vaulted to fame singing Christian songs, crossed over to mainstream radio and recently released an album of hymns titled "Rock of Ages" - for interviews on Christian radio and taken out advertising in small-town newspapers.
Clever move on NBC's part. Based on the positive Christian response to shows like "Highway to Heaven" and "Touched by an Angel" it's clear that all Hollywood has to do to reel us in is use biblical words in unbiblical ways and we'll declare it a victory. I know. The idea of making wishes isn't in the Bible but Amy does say "faith," doesn't she? What more could we ask?


mrclm said...

Not interested in this new show. The best show out there though is Extreme Home Makeover. Makes me cry almost every week.

Big Chris

read with open eyes said...

I am not a television expert, nor much of a watcher either, but I predict failure for this new show. If you really want to hook American evangelicals, you don't play around with "wishes" but go straight for "needs." We have been warned that while God promises to supply our needs, he doesn't guarantee our wants.