Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ed Welch on Biblical Counseling

Ed Welch of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation has been blogging at the Society for Christian Psychology. If you're unfamiliar with Ed or the Society, you can learn more from this introductory post. Ed's contributions are as follows:

What is Biblical Counseling?

The Nature of Persons: Monism or Duality?

Further Thoughts about Emotions



jc said...

Thanks for the links.

I’ve come to be curious about Welch and CCEF and biblical counseling through hearing about Jay Adams and nouthetic counseling, but I’m very fuzzy on the details.

How would Welch differentiate biblical counseling (CCEF) from nouthetic counseling (Jay Adams)?

KP said...

Hey, jc. You're welcome.

The terms, at least when used by practitioners of nouthetic counseling, are synonymous. Adams founded CCEF and those who work there readily acknowledge their indebtedness to him for his foundational work. However, Powlison, Welch, Tripp, and the others have not been afraid to critique certain elements of Adams' theology, application, and rhetoric. In my opinion, this is less so the case with NANC, the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. The differences between CCEF and NANC is one of the topics David Powlison addressed in two lectures he gave to counseling students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary last year.