Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Challenges to the Gospel

That's the theme of the new 9Marks newsletter (available in a PDF version) which contains the following articles:

The Therapeutic Gospel by David Powlison
The therapeutic gospel limits itself to giving people what they want, instead of calling for a change of what they ultimately want.

Brian McLaren and the Gospel of Here & Now by Greg Gilbert
This emerging leader is alright on the “already,” but neglects the “not yet.”

Satanism, Starbucks, and Other Gospel Challenges an interview with David Wells
The medium is the message, and theologian David Wells says the gospel message is increasingly compromised by “relevant” methods.

Leaving Home, Returning Home by Michael Lawrence
This biblical theology of the Fall identifies precisely why a gospel is necessary.

The Devil’s Favorite Domino—the Penal in Penal Substitution by Jonathan Leeman
Here’s why the penal in penal substitution is all precious, and why the devil always topples it first.

Gospel Coalition Travelogue by Michael McKinley
A report from the frontline of Carson and Keller’s Gospel Coalition Conference.

There is also a roundtable discussion on explaining the gospel to unbelievers and reviews of the following books: N. T. Wright's Simply Christian, Leonard Sweet's The Gospel According to Starbucks, and Erwin McManus' Soul Cravings.


jc said...

Thanks for the link to Dr Powlison's essay on felt needs. Wow!

Collin Brendemuehl said...

Great blog. I'll be back for more. My sister (Sarah F.) pointed me this way.


John said...

Keith, recently found your blog through a connection with 9 Marks. Really enjoy it. Love the quote at the top. Hope all is well.
John Laukkanen

KP said...

Hey, John! What a pleasant surprise to hear from you here. I was actually at your blog recently (good stuff!) because I saw that I was receiving traffic from it (thanks, BTW, for the link) but I didn't make the connection even with the picture! Now that I know it's you I see it but on first glance I didn't recognize you. I'm glad you demystified me.

I'm glad you like the Blamires quote. You chose a very good one for your blog too. Spurgeon is the man.

I hope all is well with you too. Thanks again for saying hi.

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks for the link to this newsletter.