Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lee Eclov on the Dangers of Practical Preaching

Everyone who preaches or listens to sermons should check out an excellent two-part article by Lee Eclov recently posted at Out of Ur. Lee takes on two popular misconceptions about biblical preaching: The Bottom Line Fallacy and the Practical Fallacy. Both, he says, demonstrate misunderstanding not only about preaching but how Scripture works:

The Bible spends much more time on shaping the spiritual mind than commanding particular behavior. We need far more training in the ways of grace, of spiritual perceptions, and of what God is really like, than we do in how to communicate with our spouse. Understanding the glory of Christ is far more practical than our listeners imagine. Properly preached, every sermon based on a passage of Scripture is fundamentally practical. Every author of Scripture wrote to effect change in God's people. It is our job as preachers to find the persuasive logic of that author and put that clearly and persuasively before our people through biblical exposition.
Thank you, Lee!

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churchpundit said...

As a pastor of many years, as well as a preacher/teacher, I am convinced that Lee is right! I just posted something that pokes this idea around a little bit in one of my recent posts. It reminds me of something Tozer said that too often we are focusing on the fruit, which is often useless to do. If we focused on the health of the root, the fruits' health would be automatic. Keep up the good work. churchpundit!