Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Pod?

Doug Groothuis, the Constructive Curmudgeon, is thinking about getting an mp3 player and is asking for feedback on their advantages as well as on which to purchase. Reading Jim Bublitz's post on how to buy and reform your mp3 player persuaded me to finally take the plunge and I'm glad I did.


Jim from said...

Good! I'm glad you like your iPod, I'd hate to feel responsible for making you spend 300 bucks on something you don't like:-)

Maybe you will blog about some of your favorite MP3's. I'd be interested to hear your recommendations.

KP said...

Jim, you weren't that persuasive! I couldn't afford an iPod so I got an mp3 player for under $100.

I may list some of my favorite listening in the near future. Thanks again.

Ted said...

I recently purchased an iPod Nano. I got the 1 GB one - I'm cheap and this is rather a test. I too chose iPod because of the large range of accessories.

My frustration is playing it in my car. I don't have a tape player in my car, but a CD player. It's a 1998 model. I have an iTrip and that's a help, but on a long drive the frequency I chose at home as a station broadcasting.

jc said...

the iPod brand is cute but pricey. So which mp3 player did you end up getting?

KP said...

jc, I went with a 1 GB SanDisk Sansa. I'm pleased.

YnottonY said...

One of this unfortunate things that you will discover in listening to Christian podcasts and lectures is that Christians are just as bad with audio quality as they are with many other things. Most Christian scholars are "low talkers," to use a Seinfeld reference, so you may have to crank up the volume and adjust the EQ setting just to hear them. Since working at UPS can be kind of loud, I have to use an audio editing device to increase the volume and improve the quality of some mp3's.

Also, they are not titled as they should be, so keeping them organized in your player may be a challenge.

Anyway, thanks for the link :-)

YnottonY said...


You may want to bookmark this site in order to listen to some of their shows, once they have them up in mp3 format (probably after Sept. 25th or so).

Laus Deo

Dr. Wolfe, a NT professor I had in college, will have on some excellent guests in the future, such as Dr. Doug Blount (a philosophical theologian and graduate of Notre Dame).

I suspect, however, that they too will be mumbling "low talkers" hahaha