Monday, March 20, 2006

One Year Ago Yesterday...

I published my first post to The Christian Mind. At the time, I had no idea I’d last this long. I prefer talking over writing and based on a history of short-lived attempts at personal journaling, I wasn’t too optimistic that I would persist. Unlike some whose thoughts easily flow from mind to keyboard, writing for me is an arduous task. It might seem strange that someone who agonizes over composing his thoughts so would try blogging but, as I’ve mentioned before, I hoped that this might be a partial solution to my affliction. (Please, don’t scratch that request off your prayer list just yet.)

I don’t remember how many million blogs existed a year ago but whatever the staggering number, it was a further reason for my hesitancy to jump in. I would be the proverbial drop in the bucket if I joined the fray. There were already so many good Christian bloggers out there expressing opinions I shared.. What possible benefit could there be to my offering my two cents? Since then, I’ve come to appreciate the cumulative factor of blogging. A good friend of mine frequently refers to the concentric circles created by a pebble tossed into a pond as an illustration of how one act can lead to a wider circle of influence. That’s definitely the case with blogging. One person’s decision to post a thought-provoking essay, question, observation, link, or reference can impact countless others. To the extent that I can be part of that networking, at whatever level, I’d like to be.

Blogging has served to reconnect me with friends who were once nearby and are now miles away. I’ve also made some new friends, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting. Reading their thoughts is no substitute for sharing their company.

In our home we have a drawing of a man lying on his stomach at the top of a wall, reaching downward to grasp the hand of a person (whose arm is all you see) reaching upward. Whenever I look at it I think of Galatians 6:2: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Over the past year, a number of well-established bloggers have helped me up by encouraging my efforts and linking here. I’m very grateful for their support. My gratitude, however, is not limited to them. Thanks are due to all who have thought my meanderings worth referring to others. And thank you for reading whether you’re a regular or this is your first time.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll stick at this for at least one more year.


empressbarb said...

Congratulations on a year of writing. Your writing has provided me a source of encouragement and challenge. My husband and I live in rural New England and do not always have access to Christian thinkers. Keep up the good work.

Milton Stanley said...

Glad to see you've been at it a full year. All the best for the year ahead.

Tom G said...

Congratulations, Keith--thanks for all your great work here!

YnottonY said...

I'm certainly glad that you decided to blog. Since our conversations on chat programs no longer happen, I still get to see what you're reading and thinking about. Your areas of interest are quite broad (unlike my own lately), and you demonstrate for us what a well-developed Christian mind looks like. Thanks for laboring to think Christianly about all areas of life and for writing about it.

Also, thanks for encouraging me to blog. I just checked my Site Meter tonight and someone in Indonesia spent over 16 minutes reading my blog. It's incredible to think about how many people around the world we can influence though this medium. May God be pleased with our thoughts and words to the glory of his Son. Thanks again Keith.

mrclm said...

Blogging birthdays are cool. Glad you've kept it up.

Big Chris
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