Friday, March 24, 2006

Breakfast Links

Steve McCoy at Reformissionary has found Tim Keller's sermons helpful as he goes through a period of soul searching. His description of Keller prompts my own reflection and prayer. Lord, may this be so of me: "...when I hear Keller I hear the Gospel and not Keller. And whatever issue he is dealing with, he is always dealing primarily with the Gospel."

Kim Shay offers
wise counsel on how to leave comments on blogs. We would do well to apply it to all our communication.

Last week I
pointed to Steve Wagner's report about his pro-life presentation to a hostile crowd at Chapman University. Steve talked with the students for over four hours and based on this front-page story in Chapman's student newspaper, people are still talking. (HT: Stand to Reason)


Steve said...

Keith, did you call my church?

KP said...

Yes, I did, Steve.