Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lessons in Apologetics, Philosophy, and Vocabulary

Paul Manata critiques R. C. Sproul Jr.'s critique of presuppositional apologetics.

Listen to a series of introductory philosophy lectures given by Professor Roger Henderson of Dordt College. Some of the topics covered include: Socrates; Plato; Augustine; Kuyper; Why Study Philosophy?; Worldview: Direction; Worldview: Wisdom; Worldview: Conscience; and The Goodness of Creation. (HT: Macht)

I learned what a "blurfer" is (and that I'm one of them) thanks to Pastor Mark Swanson at Best of the GodBlogs.

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1 comment:

pastor mark said...

Thanks Keith,

"Blurfer" and "XB-sphere" (Christian blogosphere) are my neologisms, inspired by James Taranto who invented the word "kerfuffle" and popularized it via his weblog. It's fun to watch them spread.

I love your site, check it every week!