Thursday, May 19, 2005

Moore on SBTS's Shift to Biblical Counseling

Listen to Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, explain Southern's reorientation of its counseling curriculum and respond to students' questions.

Moore says there is a major recasting of biblical ideas into psychotherapeutic categories that is completely changing the way many pastors are doing ministry. There must be more to the church, he says, than the attitude of"The answer to those who want to be saved is the gospel, and the answer for those who want little problems resolved is some prooftexts, and the answer to those who are really dealing with the big problems is outsourcing." [HT: Mere Comments]


Rosemarie said...

Thanks for this link, Keith. It was a pleasure to listen to.

Byron said...

Listening to Russell Moore as I write this; great stuff.