Friday, May 20, 2005

Enough, Yet?

If you haven't had enough about the phrase "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist," (and even if you have) Vincent Cheung's thoughts on the subject deserve a read. [HT: Resource Blog]


ynottony said...

Thanks for linking to that Keith. Vincent hit the nail right on the head!

BW Holly said...

KP got it. Tony got it. Vincent got it. Even I got it.

Vincent says:
"However, this is both biblically false and strategically unwise."

KP, that is exactly what I heard you saying with precision.

What does this use of unbiblical "faith" imply to an atheist about biblical faith? That was one of your points I caught KP.

I can see that this is not to be
treated lightly nor "poo-poo'ed"
as if there is really nothing wrong with the use of the term.
Yes, there's something critically wrong with it, as you and now Vincent have pointed out.

Thank you for speaking up about this and for passing on the link to Vincent Cheung's blog. He, too, is a fine-tuned thinker.

I appreciate your blog.

BW Holly

MacoMan said...

Cheung is a "fine-tuned" thinker?! Read him carefully. He is incoherent. His apologetic is horrendous! If you really want to get to know Vincent Cheung, read this link:

The author is incisive and cogent. He lays out Chueng's fallacies which are legion. Chueng is deviant in his reformed thinking.