Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pro-Life Training from STR: Making Abortion Unthinkable

Minutes ago I received an email from a woman in our church who volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center inviting our pastoral staff to tour the facility. In my reply I alerted her to the following offer from my friends at Stand to Reason (though I'm embarrassed it took her email to make me think of it) so I thought I'd let others who may not have heard about it know as well.
We've used this material at our church and I can't recommend it highly enough. I encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to equip yourself or some other eligible person/group with this excellent resource at practically no cost.

Making Abortion Unthinkable
A Special Offer
Making Abortion Unthinkable
This is a special, limited-time offer for pastors, youth leaders,
small group leaders, CPC directors, educators, and their friends.
Through the generosity of a select group of donors, Stand to Reason is making our interactive training product, Making Abortion Unthinkable, available at no charge. This multi-media resource is the result of many months of work in development and testing.
Making Abotion Unthinkable is an easy-to-follow, well-reasoned, interactive tool that contains everything a small group needs for training in the art of pro-life persuasion. From one-on-one discussions to public debates, this careful, effective resource will give you confidence in representing the pro-life position from a solid, fair position.
The complete, five-session series (VHS only) is available at no charge other than the cost of shipping and handling -- $5 per series. To take advantage of this free offer, you must be a pastor, youth leader, small group leader, CPC director, or an educator, or a friend who will commit to sending any series you order to an individual in one of these positions. There is a limit of 5 series per person.
Help us to get this critical resource in the hands of key trainers. Share this special offer with your friends using our "eMail to a Friend" link on the left side of this page. But remember to check back often - we will regularly update the number of series still available.
Series Still Available:
Making Abortion Unthinkable Testimonials
"We used Making Abortion Unthinkable with our volunteers and they loved it. Although most of them have had intensive training in talking with people about abortion, this resource helped them be more precise in their thoughts and verbalize them more effectively. I have seen a difference in the confidence level among those who went through this series."
-Kathryn Wade - Executive Director, Aiken Pregnancy Care Center
"Making Abortion Unthinkable brought clarity to what many in my class considered a cloudy issue by cutting away emotional distractions and addressing key issues that are often ignored."
-Making Abortion Unthinkable class leader
"I've been debating abortion in public forums, including TV and radio, for over 15 years, and this video gave me new ideas and material. Thank you!"
-Student, Making Abortion Unthinkable class

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