Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Phil Johnson and John MacArthur Talk Election

Thanks to Brian Thornton for making an audio of John MacArthur being interviewed by Pyromaniac Phil Johnson on the doctrine of election available at his blog, Voice of the Sheep (HT: Brian McCrorie).

I haven't listened yet but I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of Brian's analysis:
This interview of MacArthur is so good for a number of reasons. It is what I would call a no-holds-barred, politically-incorrect, biblical look at the doctrine of election. Nothing is held back by either Phil or John, and the result is a straight-forward and truthful look at a doctrine that the unregenerate find so repulsive. I would encourage anyone who has struggled with this doctrine - or has professing family members or friends whose view of election is far from the truth - to listen to this interview themselves and also to direct others to it here. Then I would encourage you to contact Grace to You to see about getting a copy for yourself. It is a CD that every true believer needs to have in his/her library.


Armen said...

Praise God that we're elected. I fear any alternative. To know that God has elected me is to know that I am saved!

God bless!


YnottonY said...

When Dr. MacArthur claims that he's willing to follow the biblical truth wherever it may lead, I think he's one of the few that I actually believe. No matter what the consequences are, he's willing to proclaim the truth and he does so in this interview. As one who was personally burned by higher forms of Calvinism, I especially appreciated his balance on God's revealed will. I just hope those in the Calvinistic community pay attention to all of his words, just as much as I hope the non-Calvinists do as well.