Monday, June 05, 2006

A Model of Faith

That's what this USA Today op-ed piece calls Rick Warren for his efforts against poverty and AIDS and his being "a uniter not a divider." I found the following noteworthy:
Warren is no liberal. He backed President Bush in the 2004 election and opposes abortion and stem cell research.
But in a refreshing change from today's unhealthy norm, Warren is spending his time and clout not on the divisive issues that have come to define the Christian right--abortion, stem cell research, a supposedly anti-God judiciary and so on--but on a campaign that can bring people together and save many lives in the process.
I find it interesting that Mr. Krattenmaker on one hand lauds Warren's application of Jesus' teaching when it comes to fighting poverty yet portrays those who expend time and energy opposing abortion and embryonic stem cell research in a negative light. Both Warren and the pro-life activist are motivated by the desire to protect and secure the welfare of human beings. Are only those acts of love that are inoffensive to the masses praiseworthy? If so, Jesus is not our example.


Neil said...

I suppose that the author didn't catch the irony in the second sentence, where he lauds Warren for trying to "save many lives" while bashing pro-lifers. I thought we were trying to save lives, too!

ernie the elf said...

Today's logic requires that dedicated Christ followers be ridiculed for "not saving lives" with stem cell research but this logic also requires a denial of "life" for a fetus about to be aborted. Therfore there is no contradiction in the minds or those who oppose Christian viewpoints. We are against life in the stem cell debate and are against the lives of women in the abortion debate. We are not truly pro-life, so when the media sees an "exception" in someone like Warren, they are lauded for their "pro-life" work in the areas that we can all somewhat agree on; the fight against poverty and AIDS.
Jeannie adds; "it is arrogant for someone to impose their own hierarchy on causes that other people choose to support"