Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Powerlessness Never Felt So Good"

I'm in the midst of tackling a project for which I feel inadequate. Fear and anxiety are daily companions. Doubts about my ability to accomplish what I must, pummel me. When I read Scott Armstrong's testimony about encouragement he received in the midst of his own desperation, I took heart. Scott writes:
I can easily be indifferent and self-sufficient and not know my desperation, depending on my abilities rather than His power through me. You see, here is the thing I am learning about desperation: it is a paradox. Though we have everything we might truly need and even though God is our strength and will see us through any circumstance we face, he gives us just enough to keep holding on that we might feel our great need of Him.

If you can identify with the feeling of being overwhelmed, do your soul a favor and read the rest of what Scott has to say.

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