Monday, May 15, 2006

Breakfast Links

Doug Groothuis writes my kind of poetry.

New addiction alert:

The world's greatest thinkers now have bodies to match their minds. Don't just read your favorite philosopher -
play with him! (Thanks, A.D.!)

DC Comics has launched a mature "graphic novel" (formerly known as a comic book) called "
American Virgin" whose main character is a Christian youth pastor who spearheads a national virginity movement. Based on this downloadable sneak peek (pdf), if there's a theological consultant he or she should be fired.

Speaking of comic books, you can discover your favorite hero's religious affiliation here.

Finally, for a more serious look at religious themes in comic books, check out this article.

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jc said...
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jc said...

I struggle through many things, but one thing it can never be is tanorexia. God gave me a perma-tan while I was in my mother's womb.

Danielle said...

Tanorexia? Must they come up with a new "disease" every day?

David Wells said...

Interesting. I must say your link to the comic hero website was a great find. I came across it last week as well. Please visit my posting on it:

Oneway said...

Great links, man, thanks.