Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Satanic Ethics - Part Three

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Notna: Yes, there is. It's called gut instinct. The thought of murder or rape of a child simply makes me sick to my stomach and angers me. If it were done to someone in my family, the wrath I would bring would be just. However, I wouldn't kill or rape, but I might pay to have it done.

KP: Are you saying that people SHOULD believe as you do? And if not, then why do they "deserve" to be punished for not so thinking and acting in accord with YOUR beliefs? And by the way, the pedophile acts out on what he calls "gut instinct" as well.

Notna: KP, there is just a moral human code that should not be crossed. You and I know what it is but for those that don't, they don't deserve to live among us. They haven't evolved far enough from the ape yet. I know you understand...if I were to rape a child I would deserve whatever ill-will begets me.

KP: So this moral code is ultimately just the product of our biology? (Are you saying that people SHOULD believe as you do? And if not, then why do they "deserve" to be punished for not so thinking and acting in accord with YOUR beliefs? <---you havent answered this yet. )

Notna: The biology of the mentally elite. If only we could breed out mental imperfections of people like that society would be better as a whole. They serve no purpose except to instill fear. Let a robber try to take my wallet. He will leave a much wiser man. 

In this particular circumstance we’re discussing, YES, people should believe as I do. Anything less is uncivilized.

KP: Whoah! That sounds kind of authoritarian. 

Notna: Yet true. 

KP: What happened to free thought? Why should people join your herd?

Notna: That's not herd mentality, that mental awareness and eliteness...the wisdom to know that doing something like that is morally wrong.

KP: According to what standard of right? 

Notna: Human standard. The ability to judge naturally right from wrong. Other animals in the animal kingdom do not rape the young. Nor do they murder their own kind unscrupulously. 

KP: So on one hand you're saying that people should think for themselves (which in itself is a prescription) and on the other you're saying that people should think like you. 

So, we should use the animals as our measure of what is acceptable? I know of some animals that eat their young. What should we conclude from that?

Notna: I think for myself, KP. Nobody tells me how to think and personally, I can't tell a rapist how to think, but if he decides to rape I can tell myself to beat his sorry ass down. As for animals who eat their offspring, they don't do it out of malicious intent. Alligators do it to control their population in their environment.

KP: Should humans do it for that reason? There are some pretty overcrowded areas in the world. 

Notna: Alligators will not thrive if they overpopulate...We have actually barely begun to populate this planet. Our instincts do not tell us to eat our young, theirs do. But if that’s the only way for our species to survive, then so be it. My guess though, is by deductive reasoning that we would eat the old.

KP: Do you see how dehumanizing your position actually is? Looking to animals lower than ourselves to determine how we should live? This is exactly what the Bible says is the case when man refuses to acknowledge God in his thoughts and makes himself the final reference point of meaning and truth. He becomes less than what he actually is. 

Notna: See? The Bible is demeaning. Use intelligence and be less than you are. Repress, repress, repress. Love your neighbor even though he's a total c*******er. HA! Not this kid. Repress your feeling that you can't stand him and love, love, love - then end up hating yourself for it. What makes you follow such requests? You seem intelligent. Why waste your time trying to uplift people who can't uplift themselves? They look to God and hope some mighty power is going to pick them up and hand them what they want or blame Satan when things go wrong. Why can't we just be responsible for our OWN good & bad? 

KP: Notna, first things first. First of all, I didn't say that one must trash intelligence. I DID question however, whether it is intelligent to use the animals as the standard for our behavior. 

Notna: I say yes. Ecology applies to us as well as the animals. We ARE animals. We just happen to be self-aware and more intelligent than any other in the kingdom.

KP: Furthermore, it’s the kind of internal inconsistency that you’re demonstrating that makes me adverse to nontheistic thought. So, we should look to less intelligent creatures to determine how we should live. I see. That's intelligent. 

Notna: KP, it’s not inconsistency. I have not contradicted myself once. I think maybe you just want to debate and try to defeat a Satanist. You can’t tell me that I have changed anything I have said.

KP: Notna, It is inconsist to assert that one should think for himself and then to assert that one should think as you do. 

Notna: I didn’t say that either. I used ecological examples. We have animal instinct whether you like it or not. I choose to listen to mine. God chooses to repress it for you and make you feel guilty about it. You are completely misunderstanding me and I knew this was going to happen.

KP: Notna, do you think a pedophile has instincts? 

Notna: KP, there is free thought, and there is human responsibility. In order to be successful and thrive in this environment I think people SHOULD feel the way I do about murder and rape. Yes, the pedophile does have instincts and he should be locked in a room with kids that want to get abused [even with asterisks I couldn’t post what was originally said] Are there any? Nope! So I guess he should just be locked in a prison with bikers who will beat some common sense into him. 

KP: And someone should feel guilty and be punished for acting in accord with his biological instincts?
Notna: That is a biological goof, and other species would kill it off or strand it as a lame of the breed. 

KP: Oh, so biological goofs should be killed? 

Notna: Us, we just lock it in a cage and feed it. 

KP: Why should someone be penalized for what he/she can't control? Isn't that your objection to Christianity? Animals kill runts of the litter as well. Should we do that?

Notna: They can control it! Just like a junkie can control whether or not they smoke crack. They may crave it, but it's their own plotting and planning that makes it happen. 

KP: So you're saying that in some cases instinct can and should be repressed? 

Notna: We have places in society for the mental runts. We don't kill them because it's not morally objective. What purpose would it serve? 

KP: Can animals control their instincts? 

Notna: Sure. I've wanted to blindly murder someone in revenge as I'm sure you have. I think everyone has contemplated suicide at least once in their life, but what purpose does it serve? Free thought and inner-instinct is what stops you. And, yes, animals can control their instincts. Dogs under our command are taught to control theirs. But not all animals can and they don't live amongst us and we are wise enough to avoid them if encountered. 

KP: So, if not all animals can control their instincts, why would we choose to look to them to determine how we ought to live? 

Notna: KP, you are splitting hairs. I've made my answers quite clear and you are seeking holes that need not be there. I know you understand where I am coming from. If you want to know more, you’ll have to read the works of Anton LaVey. He does quite well at explaining it all in full color for you. 

KP: Why look to organisms driven by their biology apart from rational thought, to determine how we as humans should live? I appreciate your talking with me and hope that you'll be open to it in the future.

Notna: I don't base my entire existence on the actions of animals. I used it as an example and you are blowing it way out of proportion. I know you understand where I am coming from and your argument is becoming nerve-wracking. I find the luster to be gone in this conversation. Please read LaVey's works for your own education. You will see the light. Whether or not you agree with it, you will understand it. Thanks for talking to me. Have a good weekend.

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