Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trinitarian Living

Tim Challies reviews and heartily recommends Bruce Ware's Father, Son, & Holy Spirit and David Wayne reports from the Jonathan Edwards Institute Conference on a message by Sinclair Ferguson titled "The Trinity: The Life of God in the World of Eternity." Both emphasize the relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity to Christian life and therefore reminded me of how John Frame applies the doctrine in The Doctrine of God:
Jesus prays in John 17:22 that his people may be "one as we are one." How can the church possibly be one as God himself is one? The church is not divine, and so it can never achieve the perfect oneness of the Father, Son, and Spirit. But the passage does help the church to set some goals to achieve with God's help. One way toward a oneness that reflects the Trinity is for us to glorify one another as do the persons of the Trinity. That means loving one another, serving one another, praising one another, honoring one another. If we really sought to glorify one another, we would seek, even across denominational and traditional lines, to make one another look good, to enhance one another's reputations rather than to make ourselves look good at everyone else's expense (p. 595)

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Dennis said...

just want to add my highest recommendation of Dr. Ware's book. Very readable and moves one to worship.