Tuesday, August 15, 2006

PC Down Under

Two Australian pastors are facing jail time for comparing Christianity and Islam.
"Pastors Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah are victims of a rogue law that tramples on religious freedoms protected by international law," said Seamus Hasson, the Becket Fund's President. "Instead of promoting religious tolerance, the Act cultivates disharmony and suspicion. This law makes people afraid to engage in any genuine dialogue about religious beliefs because someone may end up taking them to court just for having an opinion!"
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Jeff Burton said...

It is interesting to see how quickly a law like this descends (or ascends?) into interpretation of religious texts. Part of the "villification" charge was that the pastors claimed that the Koran encourages looting and that Islam requires death for apostates. Either the truth is not a defense with this law, or the courts have to evaluate the texts themselves to determine whether potential violators' claims are accurate. I wonder if some of my posts on Islam would run afoul of this law. Nalliah calls this law a kind of "backdoor" blasphemy law and it's hard not to agree.

Anonymous said...

I think they got what they deserved. The bible clearly instructs us to be ready to give answers for the hope that we have, but with gentleness and respect. This was clearly absent. I seem to remember injunctions against bearing false witness somewhere in the Bible too. As an Australian Christian who has been following the case and listening to all sides of the story I have been ashamed at how their behaviour has brought all apologists into disrepute.

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