Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Few Quick Links

Westminster Bookstore has resumed its faculty recommendations page. Westminster Theological Seminary professors respond to the question of what books in their disciplines belong on every pastor's shelf.

Mars Hill Audio is podcasting.

Gareth Russel gives an extensive review of the new ESV Journaling Bible. I got one myself and I like it, but the small print has made Psalm 119:18 take on a whole new meaning. (HT: John Schroeder) If you'd like to get your own, Gregory Pittman (who agrees with me about the tiny print) informs us that Monergism Books is selling them for $17.99 (normally $30) through the end of this month. Be sure to check out Gregory's advice about what to do with your savings.

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Mark Traphagen said...

Thanks for the link to our "resurrected" faculty recommendation page at Westminster Bookstore! Let me remind your readers that at they'll find the best prices on the 'net on quality Reformed books and ESV Bibles, with $5 UPS shipping for any size order!

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Mark Traphagen
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