Friday, July 18, 2008

Anti-intellectualism No Answer to Dead Orthodoxy

"At many times in history, Christians reacted against academic versions of theology that deaden life. Examples like the Great Awakenings, the rise of Pietism, Kierkegaard's rejection of state Lutheranism, and the charismatic renewals come to mind. Too often, evangelicals today replace dead orthodoxy with anti-intellectual activism or moralism rather than with theologically vital spirituality. The model of piety valued most among evangelicals typically stresses inward moral holiness and outward Christian service set in opposition to reflective thought.

"...Indeed, the church cannot avoid theology in seeking to fulfill its mission. Though some think they can suspend theology, avoid the academic stratosphere, and achieve practical relevance, they succeed only in replacing a well-considered theology with a hodgepodge of theological scraps randomly interlaced with cultural ideas." - David Clark, To Know and Love God: Method for Theology, pp. 208-209.

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Ben said...

"theological scraps."

Theological scraps attract wolves. We are called to beware and protect the sheep from wolves (John 10, matt 7:15-20)

rosemarie said...

wonderful quote!

YnottonY said...

Excellent quote...thanks.

Easy said...

Isn't it interesting how, instead of focusing on living the gospel, we tend to either try to understand the gospel (faith but no works) or just try to live "good enough" lives (works without faith)?

ChosenRebel said...

Just found your blog brother. Hope you are doing well. I am leaving New Song to consult with the District on church planting and eventually plant a new church closer to TEDS. Also have two blogs myself, and

Marty Schoenleber

Phil Steiger said...

Great quote--I have not heard of the book or the author before.