Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unlimiting Calvin

My friend Flynn (aka David) has devoted many years to researching what John Calvin believed and taught concerning the extent of Christ's expiatory work. This has led him to conclude that much Calvin scholarship and many who identify their theology as Calvinistic, unknowingly diverge from the Swiss reformer's thought on this point. Of course, nothing is to be believed on the grounds that Calvin, or any other theologian for that matter, taught it. The Scriptures are the ultimate standard as Flynn would be the first to confess. However, he believes that Calvin, properly interpreted, echoes God's revelation concerning this matter.

Flynn has posted some of the fruit of his labor in what he believes "will be the most comprehensive list regarding Calvin’s view on the extent of the expiation and redemption that is available either online or in hard-print," at
Calvin and Calvinism. Thanks to another friend, Tony Byrne for bringing this to my attention.


YnottonY said...

Thanks, Keith. As usual, you sum up the matter accurately and concisely.

Sarah J. Flashing said...

Keith, so what do you think?

KP said...

Sarah, I'm heeding David's request that one read through all the citations but unfortunately this is taking me longer than I had hoped due to other demands. I'm only on page 8 of 34! I'll be better prepared to make a judgment about whether David's reading of Calvin is accurate once I've made it all the way through but I thus far I suspect he's right.