Sunday, March 18, 2007

For The List-less

Number 5 on Guy Davies' list of Ten Things for a Christian Blogger reads "Do lists. People like lists." Guy's conviction about this is evidenced by a series of "ten things" posts including the following:

Ten things for the Lord's Day
Ten things for a Christian mum
Ten things for a Christian dad
Ten things for a new Systematic Theology
Ten things a Pastor needs to be
Ten things to do while singing hymns and Psalms
Ten things to do while preaching
Ten things to do in a prayer meeting
Ten ways to encourage a preacher

Here are some other lists worth pointing to:

Joshua at Church Redone is in the process of searching for a new church home. As a result of his quest he's assembled a list of 10 ways churches can keep people from discovering and/or connecting with them. Pastors in particular should check this out. (HT: Church Marketing Sucks)

Doug Groothuis has posted two lists of tips for getting the most out of reading. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Dr. G. that one of his recommendations is to stop watching TV. If you, like me, need help with that one, check out this article from Tim Challies' archives that has continually haunted me since I read it almost two years ago.

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