Thursday, February 15, 2007

Same-Sex Attraction

On behalf of those who have turned away from the homosexual lifestyle to follow Christ yet continue to be attracted to members of their own gender Mike Ensley asks:
[W]hat about the rest of us who deal with this issue and haven't come to our "happy ending" yet? What about those of us who continue to struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA), even after choosing to follow Christ? We're caught in a sort of identity limbo, unsure whether we can or even should hope to experience heterosexual desire, get married and start a family someday.
With candor and biblical wisdom Mike encourages fellow-strugglers to join him in taking the following steps towards the renewing of their minds and experiencing freedom:
Stop making unfair comparisons

Stop obsessing about how much you will (or won't) enjoy heterosexual sex

Quit letting your temptations dictate your identity

Do what you know you should be doing
Mike's article is valuable reading for those trying to resist same-sex attraction as well as those committed to aiding them in their pursuit of godliness. Also, much of what he says has application for all of us regardless of the nature of our personal temptations.

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