Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jason Janz on Jesus Junk

Jason Janz at SharperIron gives an eyewitness report (complete with photos) of his experience at the recent Christian Bookseller's Association Convention International Christian Retail Show. He asks, "Why do we as Christians, feel compelled to plaster our 'faith' over anything and everything?" (a question I took a partial stab at recently) and offers the following reasons:

  1. Many people trust that wearing Jesus Junk will result in conversions.
  2. Many Christians believe Jesus Junk promotes Christian community.
  3. Many people seem to be in the business for pure commercialism.
He concludes with five thoughtful questions believers should ask before buying more Christianized merchandise.

I don't know. Jason makes a persuasive case but I'm still tempted to get my son fitted for that neat armor of God outfit he photographed.


Matt Stone said...

You might be interested in some Jesus junk I posted here



Speaking of the "culture war", it's important for Christian Parents to know what Apple Computer's plans are for your children. See this website for example. I was able to verify all the facts there.

garagejazz1 said...

to the best of my knowledge, those websites debunking apple as satanist are a joke, although it is difficult to tell, i hear they are quite good.

that url worked at one time, but does not appear to be functional anymore.

here is the google cache, fwiw: