Thursday, April 27, 2006

"They Got it Right"

That's what David Beamer, whose son Todd was killed aboard United Airlines Flight 93, has to say after viewing "United 93." Concerning the importance of the film he writes in today's Wall Street Journal:

This film further reminds us of the nature of the enemy we face. An enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve world domination and force a life devoid of freedom upon all. Their methods are inhumane and their targets are the innocent and unsuspecting. We call this conflict the "War on Terror." This film is a wake-up call. And although we abhor terrorism as a tactic, we are at war with a real enemy and it is personal.

There are those who would hope to escape the pain of war. Can't we just live and let live and pretend every thing is OK? Let's discuss, negotiate, reason together. The film accurately shows an enemy who will stop at nothing in a quest for control. This enemy does not seek our resources, our land or our materials, but rather to alter our very way of life.

I encourage my fellow Americans and free people everywhere to see "United 93."

I plan on heeding Mr. Beamer's encouragement. Do you?

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1 comment:

Frank Walton said...

It seems pretty exciting. I heard the film doesn't exploit anybody or give any hint of left-wing (or right-wing) propaganda.