Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Comment Policy

I'm grateful to those who stop by and leave thought provoking comments intended to further fruitful discussion and understanding about the topics that arise. How I wish that I could interact with each one at great length but time doesn't allow. My failure to respond to a comment is not necessarily an indicator of my lack of interest or appreciation in what was said. I read and, in many cases, ponder readers' responses to my benefit. On the other hand, I do not appreciate commenters whose sole intent appears to be to make snide personal attacks. These do nothing to promote edifying dialogue and therefore will be regarded as spam and routinely deleted. Courteous, well-reasoned dissenting views are welcome but flaming won't be tolerated.


Crimson_Willow said...

What if it isn't a snide attack? What if it is someone from your past trying to tell you that something you did in the past hurt them and helped in turning them against the church? What if that person wanted you to learn from your mistake so you wouldn't do it again? Perhaps the person knew that you WOULD ponder the comment, and had hoped that it would stop you from doing it again. If anything I've commented on has offended you, then you took it the wrong way. Or... then you feel guilty. Either way, I don't feel the need to apologize.

KP said...

Then "the person" should contact me privately so we can discuss personal matters in other than a public forum. I hope the person will do so.

GL said...

Wow. I was unprepared for that first comment!

What I intended to say: I'm glad you wrote out this comment policy. Over at CGO we have mostly wonderful comments but there is a minority of snide, discourteous comments that mess up the discussion.

Love your site.

Crimson_Willow said...

No way. I'll never step one foot into a church again if I can help it. And, sometimes it's better to just randomly tell someone how you feel and then never speak to them again. This is that last you'll hear from me.