Friday, October 21, 2005

The Pearcey Report

Today marks my son's 9th birthday and as traditional at the Plummer household, the birthday person gets to select the menu for the evening meal. That means we're most likely in for McDonald's or pizza. (I'm pulling for the latter.)

I was very pleased to learn just a few minutes ago (by way of
Tim Challies) that something else was born today - The Pearcey Report! Rick and Nancy (Total Truth) Pearcey have launched a site of news, comment, information, and worldview. It just so happens that Tim is responsible for designing the site and, as you would expect, he did a great job.

Here's an excerpt from Rick's welcome message:

...nothing written here shall be deemed more important than how each one of us live and work day in and day out -- How we raise our kids, the choices we make, the culture we create, the assumptions we think through, the behavior we affirm or let slide. A disconnect in areas such as these has been known to turn fairly normal people into seedbeds of opportunism for PR sharpshooters, image magicians, money-grubbers, and influence-mongers of all stripes of religion and irreligion (and ever the twain shall meet). We would just as soon see a world without that junk littering the landscape.
Oh, my son arrived home a few minutes ago, read what I was typing, and informed me I was wrong on both counts regarding the menu. Oh, well.


Matt Brown said...

So what did your son pick to eat? My guess is Red Lobster, which happens to be my 5yo daughter's favorite.

KP said...

Fortunately, he spared dad that expense. He opted for KFC.