Thursday, August 25, 2005

How About a "Personal Discipleship With Jesus?"

Rick Phillips at Reformation 21 offers this helpful contribution to the dialogue about how the Bible should inform our thinking about what it means to have a "personal relationship with God." To put it into context, however, make sure you read these posts and comments on the subject at the Jollyblogger and Common Grounds Online first.

Also of note is this comment in response to my previous post
from my friend Jerry:

I have wondered, too, about why a "personal relationship with God through Christ" has become the predominant way to express the Gospel. "Relationship with God" doesn't appear in the Bible, but neither does "Trinity." Both are shorthand for a larger body of words that are in the Bible. One difference between them is that "trinity" is a shorthand commonly used within the Christian community, while "relationship with God" is commonly used toward nonchristians.
I almost forgot. John Schroeder has some interesting thoughts on the topic at Blogotional, too.

It's important to give serious thought to what we mean by what we're so quick to say.

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