Friday, June 10, 2005

Two Cheers for Xenos Christian Fellowship

Two days ago I recommended a book by Xenos Christian Fellowship's lead pastors. Today I learned that my friend Byron Harvey is there attending a conference. (I was wondering why his blog was so quiet.) Byron has some complimentary words about their approach to ministry with which I agree. I join him in encouraging you to check out the resources available at their site. I particularly admire their "Conversation & Cuisine" outreaches.


The Dawn Treader said...

I like the C&C idea too ... which I prefer to call "Chat and Chew" ;-) Not quite as elegant I guess.

I hope to implement C&C type outreach in our chuch plant.


J. Hawthorne said...

I have been to a few C&C's at Xenos. There were fun and effective. Xenos has a large pool of moderators that come in and make their C&C's a class act.

Oh and FYI, their marriage book used to be called something like "marriage choices and spiritual growth."